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The Skeleton Key

“We shall fight them on the beaches...and in the caves, and the castles, and in the graveyards and the tombs, and all across the ever darkening sky. We shall never surrender.”

There’s a war on. Well, two wars really.

There’s the one everyone knows about, with soldiers and bombers, and then there’s the other one, with spells, magical swords, zombies and giant ravens.

The Rowan Tree Legion are here to help us win both.

44 full colour A4 pages. All ages. 

£5 plus £2 shipping (UK only)

Wee Nasties

There's all sorts of Wee Nasties hiding around Inverclyde, a bogle with smelly feet, a grumpy old wizard casting cheeky spells, and even a (mostly) friendly monster in the river.

Meet them all and hear about some of the strange things going on in your home town...

Wee Nasties is an early years book, introducing younger readers to some of the myths and legends of the West Coast of Scotland.

16 full colour illustrated pages

£3 plus £2 shipping (UK only)

Tales of the Oak

A terrifying selection of stories adapted from and inspired by Clyde valley folklore and legends. Within are cursed treasure maps, serpent worshipping cultists, trolls, ghosts, undead pirates and graverobbers.

64 pages, A4, full colour throughout.

£5 plus £2 shipping (UK only)

Uncommon Tales

Sir Glen Douglas Rhodes, adventurer and antiquarian, is a haunted man. Each and every item in his strange collection has a story, but he feels he will not be at peace until he returns some of his museum pieces to their place of origin. And so Sir Glen embarks on a globe spanning journey, encountering ancient sea monsters, demons, giants and the undead in his quest to take these stories back home.

32 pages, full colour throughout.

£3 plus £2 shipping (UK only)

Achi Baba - Gallipoli 1915

In 1915, Allied forces attempted to end the stalemate on the Western Front by advancing into the Ottoman Empire. The campaign was a failure.

Using contemporary documents such as letters home, poetry, propaganda and military records, this graphic novel explores the story of the catastrophic Gallipoli campaign, and the involvement of the 5th Argylls.

Suggested for mature audiences due to scenes of warfare which some people may find upsetting or disturbing.

Originally funded by Heritage Lottery Fund.

2016 CAHG Award Winner for Innovation.

Hardcover, 44 pages, A5, black n white.

£5 plus £2 shipping (UK only)

Captain Kidd - Buccaneer

A reprint of Thriller Picture Library 96, featuring everyones favourite potentially Greenock born pirate, Captain William Kidd.

The reprint includes supplementary material from Magic Torch's archives.

64 pages, black n white throughout.

£2.50 plus £1.50 shipping (UK only)

Tales of the Oak (book)

Our original collection of folklore and local stories, Tales of the Oak, was first published in 2000, and has been reprinted and updated several times since. Enjoy over 200 pages of fact and folklore, illustrated throughout with original artwork and photos.

From ancient celtic sun worship to haunted country mansions, from the coast of Skelmorlie to the hills of Kilmacolm, pirates, sea serpents, saints and witches, these stories bring to light a rich seam of folk tradition, the forgotten history of Inverclyde.

£5, plus £3.50 postage and packing (it's a weighty tome!)

A Nip In The Air

Doomed love, abandoned industrial wastelands, horrifying Roman road encounters and sacrifice. In short, something to chill every heart...

Available for kindle from amazon

The Superpower Project

Megan and Cam never asked to have superpowers - and they definitely didnt ask to look after a forgetful steampunk robot.

But most of all, they really definitely never asked for a bunch of transformer-sculpture robots to try to kill them.

Especially when cam keeps turning into a hamster...

The Superpower Project is the debut children's novel from Magic Torch Comics author Paul Bristow. The book was shortlisted for the Kelpies Prize 2014, and is part of the First Ministers Reading Challenge. It is published by Floris Books Kelpies and is available both from the Floris Books website and via amazon.

Chimney Rabbit - "The Superpower Project cracks on at a terrific pace."

Powered by Reading -  "A brilliant read"

Read it Daddy - "Hugely original, buzzingly energetic"

Bookwitch - "Funny and exciting"

You can read a free excerpt at the Discover Kelpies site.