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Stories are for sharing...

Magic Torch Comics work with schools to create bespoke comics - the entire class collaborate on writing a story which our professional artists then illustrate, and each individual pupil also creates their own comic. 

You can download and read examples of these comics for FREE below...or read them via our ISSUU page.

Magic Torch Collection 2018

Our annual collection of some of the cracking comics we have created with schools and community groups throughout the year - featuring ghosts, superpowers and historic heroes...

Na Gaisgich

Primary schools from Islay & Jura, Mull and Tiree worked to adapt traditional gaelic folk tales and ballads into comic strips as part of a transition project to high school. 

Featuring heroes and villains of every shape and size, there's battles, dragons, sunken treasure and even an unlucky but very plucky dog.

The comics are presented in both dual language and full Gaelic translation in order to promote reading and understanding of Gaelic. 

The project was supported by Argyll and Bute Council and Scottish Government.

Inverclyde Adventures

The adventures of Gogo and Celestia was created by a group of New Scots young people supported by Inverclyde HSCP, Your Voice, Inverclyde Community Development Trust, Police Scotland and Magic Torch Comics.

The comic has interactive features such as additional arabic language reading, photos and a song which can be activated via a mobile phone by following he instructions on the first page.

Light Years

For the Light Years project, people over 65 in Greenock and Port Glasgow came together to share their stories and memories with Magic Torch and we all worked together to turn them into comic scripts.

From ferret attacks and martian invasions to job interviews and nuclear incidents, there's something for everyone. And it's all true! Mostly.

The Light Years project was funded by the People's Postcode Trust.

A Trip Frew Time

In April 2018, a team of pupils from Renfrew High School came together to explore Renfrew's history and create a series of comic strips inspired by the objects and stories they discovered. 

From haunted swimming pools and spooky clocktowers, to wartime memories and broken hearts, everyone discovered a new side to their home town. 

Now it's your turn to explore those stories. some are funny, some sad, some entirely silent, telling tales through pictures alone. All of them are unique...

The project was supported by the Scottish Book Trust through the First Ministers Reading Challenge.

Old Greenock Characters

A comic adaptation of John Donald's 'Old Greenock Characters' an affectionate look at Greenock in the 19th Century. 

The scripts and artwork were created by S2 pupils from Inverclyde Academy during a 10 week residency, supported by the Scottish Library and Information Council. Working for an hour each week in class and some additional time in between, pupils worked in teams to adapt and illustrate the local stories. 

The book contains a sketchbook section detailing their process.


Working with archaeologists from Scotland’s Urban Past, we introduced pupils from  St Stephen’s High School in Port Glasgow to the history of Craigmarloch Hill Fort. The stories of Iron Age life and Roman occupation were the starting points for creative interpretation. Pupils also looked at other archaeological and historic sites in the area for inspiration.

Almost of the comics in this publication were inspired by objects discovered during archaeological digs, though we did allow ourselves to journey back even further for a folktale inspired by a glacial erratic (the Bogle Stone) and a quick segue into paleontology to think about what dinosaurs may have passed through or nearby the area.

The project was supported by Heritage Lottery Fund Scotland as part of the Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology.

Social Enterprise Stories

A short story exploring the positive impacts of social enterprise activity on health created with Dr Michael Roy of the Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health, Glasgow Caledonian University.


In 2017 we worked with a group of pupils from Notre Dame High School Communications and Language Unit. The pupils all had an interest in comics and graphic novels and wanted to create their own anthology. 

We worked with the class to develop their story ideas, collaborating with them on script and artwork where required. Each pupil ultimately created their own comic strip.

Some of the comics are self contained, some are part of a larger story, all are totally unique.

The project was supported by Trust Volunteering.

The Stowaways

In 2016, we worked with Primary 6/7s in Ardgowan Primary School Greenock, to adapt the tragic tale of the Stowaways on the Arran; seven young boys hid aboard a ship for Canada in 1878, and were horribly mistreated by the crew, before being left to fend for themselves on the ice fields of Newfoundland. Not all of the boys survived the ordeal. 

The tale has been told many different times locally, but we chose to adapt the text of Greenock writer John Donald, who had published his version in 1928 in the book The Stowaways and Other Sea Sketches.

The project was funded by Heritage Lottery Fund Scotland, as part of the Heritage Inverclyde A Quest for Learning programme, an Inverclyde Council project delivered by Inverclyde Community Development Trust.

Ghost Train

Created by Newark Primary School P4b, this comic explores the heritage of Port Glasgow. Inspired by the legends and landscapes of Port Glasgow, Ghost Train features appearances from the Bogle of Bogle Stone, the Port Glasgow Mermaid and other strange and unusual characters.

The comic was written by P4b and then scripted and illustrated by Magic Torch Comics, all the pupils created their own comics too, which can be read below.

The project was funded by the Scotrail Cultural Fund and we were delighted to have the support of Scotlands Urban Past in researching the landscapes and urban archaeology of the old railway line - we all went out on a proper field trip and everything!


The Doom That Came To Gourock

Created by Gourock Primary School, P4 /5, this tale features the unexpected return of ancient local witch Granny Kempock, who decides to take her revenge on the town...can the pupils of Gourock Primary save the day? 

The story for the comic was created by the whole class and then scripted and illustrated by the team at Magic Torch Comics. 

Also included are all the individual comics created by the pupils, featuring their own scary and unusual characters exploring local landmarks.

The project was supported by Inverclyde Council 1+2 Language development.


Le Mystere de la Princesse Sorciere

Created by Whinhill Primary School P7, this space adventure features a Wizard Princess battling an evil Space Mummy in search of her lost cat. 

The story for the comic was written by the pupils and then scripted and illustrated by the team from Magic Torch Comics. The class also worked together to create their own individual comic stories and characters.

This comic was created with the support of Inverclyde Council education services 1+2 Languages development, with translation and French language support from Richard Tallaron and Julia Sanchez Grim. 

The comic is presented in both French and English versions, alongside all the original French and English language comics created by the pupils.


Camanachd Ghrianaig

Created by Whinhill Primary School Gaidhlig primary 4-7, this is an adaptation of one of the songs of Gaelic poet, nurse and radical, Mairi Mhor nan Oran. This song recalls the historic shinty match of 1877, in which the Greenock and Glasgow Gaels played against one another.

This comic was created with the support of Inverclyde Council education services 1+2 Languages development, and the comic is presented in both Gaelic and English versions, alongside all the comics created by the pupils.

February 2016


Gie's Peace

A collection of 3 short comics created and written with Primary and Secondary pupils to creatively explore issues related to sectarianism. From space discos to football stadiums, these funny, action packed stories show the many different ways pupils can engage with challenging issues through comics.

Gies Peace is funded by the Scottish Government.